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What We Do .

Design Development

  • Interview client to determine goals
  • Determine concept including style, color, material palate, etc.
  • Provide client with concept visuals including proposed materials and 3D rendering of the design
  • Prepare preliminary space utilization plans
  • Preliminary selections of interior architectural finishes
  • Preliminary furniture & furnishings selections
  • Review applicable building, life safety, and accessibility codes and apply as required
  • Meet with consultants, such as contractors, or others as required
  • Based on client direction, define final concept base and material allocation

Construction Documents

  • Complete space plans and layouts
  • Complete furniture, fixtures and equipment specifications
  • Complete working drawings concerning custom furniture, cabinets or architectural treatments
  • Determine specifications of architectural finishes
  • Prepare specifications of furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Prepare other drawings, such as lighting plans, elevations, details and sections, etc.
  • Prepare working drawings for the space.
  • Provide or assist client with the preparation of bid documents

Contract Administration

  • Site visits to ensure the work is being done in accordance with the contract documents and specifications
  • Supervise installation of furniture, furnishings and equipment
  • Prepare and administer post occupancy evaluations